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Permanent exhibition

Area 3. Hunters and artists

Archaeological excavations have revealed an intense human occupation towards the late Magdalenian period, between 15,000 and 11,000 years ago.

This area, dedicated to the creators of the Palaeolithic art found in the cave, exhibits replicas of the most important pieces found at Tito Bustillo. These pieces are grouped according to their use: clothes, fishing, hunting, personal adornment, etc.

Nearly all the pieces were fashioned out of natural materials, such as bone, antler, stone, etc. The replicas show each object as it must have looked when the Palaeolithic craftsman first made it.

Pride of place is given to many of the portable art objects found at Tito Bustillo. These include ornamental objects such as seashells, lavishly decorated tools such as harpoons, assegais, staffs and scrapers, and stone plaquettes engraved with motifs similar to those covering the cave walls.