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Permanent exhibition

Area 1. A casual rappel down a sinkhole, and suddenly…a treasure trove of Palaeolithic art

The cave was discovered in 1968 during a speleology exploration conducted by some members of the Torreblanca mountain group joined by two local young men. 

The first area of the exhibition is dedicated to the media attention achieved by the discovery. It includes a photo archive with photos of the cave and of the discoverers and an audiovisual featuring the testimony of the members of the group 40 years later.

A special mention is made of Celestino Fernández Bustillo -who passed away just few days after making the discovery. The cave formerly known as Pozu’l Ramu was renamed Tito Bustillo in his honour.

The room contains helmets and carbide lamps loaned by the discoverers, as well as examples of the ice axes and ropes commonly used by mountaineers and cavers.