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Tito Bustillo Cave Art

The Chamber of Vulvas

It is one of the most emblematic sets in Tito Bustillo and the first to be discovered.

Located in a small chamber on the Gallery wall several metres above floor level, this expressive ensemble of vulvar representations – one of which is inside a human profile – appears next to groupings of schematic red dots and linear signs. 

Although initially considered to be from the Magdalenian era, formal and stylistic similarities in their execution have now placed them in the later moments of the Upper Palaeolithic.

Furthermore, the secluded, isolated location makes the set highly evocative and symbolic.

These representations show strong links with other sites in northern Spain (La Lluera II, Micolón, and El Castillo) and beyond in south-west France (Anglessur-Anglin, Abri du Poisson, and La Ferrasie).